- 4. Consultancy Area:



The psychology service detects and treats emotional, behavioral and learning problems of the children and teenagers. Attention is also extended to parents through consultation, guidance and personal counseling.

Speech therapy:


The speech therapy is aimed at children with difficulties in their expressive and comprehensive language, and the evaluation, intervention and recovery of their difficulties is carried out to improve their oral expression and functional language.

Children’s Defense Desk:


This is an office to promote the defense of children´s rights established by law, while coordinating with the relative governmental institutions. We also provide counseling in cases of family violence, abandonment, sexual abuse, etc. and whenever necessary the social worker visits the families to provide guidance to existing problems. When the rights of vulnerable people are violated, we have the authority to inform the competent public institutions.
We coordinate with the National Identity Registry (RENIEC) to register and provide national identity documents to children who do not have them, thus promoting the right to an identity, and allowing the children to exercise other rights such as access to health, education, etc.

Methodology and organization:



We work in teams consisting of psychologists, language therapist, social worker, teachers, animators and volunteers who accompany permanently the children in all the activities that are carried out daily.
We start each year with a training workshop that lasts a week, and includes topics such as children´s rights, the child protection policy of the institution, human development, group management techniques, planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of our services. During the year we have two further training days with the help of qualified professionals and one final evaluation.

Assemblies of Children and Teenagers:


To learn to live in freedom with responsibility supposes having an experience of participation, of listening and being listened to. Because of this we have assemblies where our children and adolescents can offer their opinions and make decisions about the workshops and activities of the Centre, to propose norms and to evaluate them, that is, to learn to be citizens from their own experience.

Festivals and Fairs:


We carry out activities in public spaces; campaigns, fairs and festivals through which we sensitize the population on issues of children’s rights, child protection, while also displaying the work of the work of the children from the different programs of the institution.

Workshops with Parents:


Given that many of the children and teenagers live in high risk situations, and some within dysfunction homes which neglect many of the children´s needs, we offer parent workshops with a dynamic and participatory methodology, to encourage them in their commitment to the education and care of their children.