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Our focus is that children will have a happy childhood and be able to discover and develop their talents in a safe and welcoming environment. In the Centre everyone has the freedom to choose what they enjoy doing, while counting on the support that will always protect their rights as human beings…… Read More




To create a welcoming and safe space where children and teenagers can enjoy their childhood and adolescence, and be valued as human beings with rights, so that they can discover their potential through play, study, art, etc. and contribute to their personal development and formation…… Read More   



An area for the children from 3 to 5 years old where they can enjoy different games and activities for the development of motor skills, sensory, intellectual and emotional stimulation…… Read More



img_9400Consultancy Area:

The psychology service detects and treats emotional, behavioral and learning problems of the children and teenagers. Attention is also extended to parents through consultation, guidance and personal counseling….. Read More