Many thanks to all our benefactors:

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We express our profound gratitude to the organizations and institutions, among many individual benefactors, who have been convinced of the value and importance of the work of St. Bernadette´s, through providing children and teenagers the opportunities to develop, with dignity, as human beings, and responsible citizens of the future. With the certainty that your contribution has been well used, and for the sake of transparency, every year we have an external audit to ensure our financial management is in order. In addition, any benefactor can access our accounts on request, some of whom are mentioned below:

The Old Dart Foundation, London
St. John Fisher Mission Circle, Los Angeles
St. Bernadette´s Third World Group, Belfast
St. Anne´s One World Group, Belfast.
Misean Cara, Ireland
Madre Coraje, Spain
Apostolic Work, Belfast, Ireland
Apostolic Work, Armagh, Ireland
Our Lady & St. Patrick´s College, Belfast, Ireland
St. Joseph´s College, Belfast, Ireland
St. John the Baptists Primary School, Belfast, Ireland
St. Bernard´s Primary School, Belfast, Ireland
Little Way Association, London, England
Combined Services, Dublin, Ireland
R.T.E. Staff, Dublin, Ireland
Garda Siochana, Dublin, Ireland
I.N.T.O., Dublin, Ireland
Staff Charity Fund, Dublin, Ireland
Electric Aid, Dublin, Ireland.
Edgardo Vega Vega, Perú
Colgate, Peru.

Board of Directors and Organizational Structure:

Anthony Coney – President
Sylvia Ferrer – Vicepresident
Ruth Malpartida – Bursur
Goya Montoya – Secretary
Pablo Castilla
Lily Iturbe
Aldo Contreras

Thank you