St. Bernadette’s Children’s Home

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The Children’s Home is a residential centre, which offers temporary shelter to children and adolescents, victims of sexual abuse, who have been sent to us by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP)…..Read More


Individual Therapy:

A team of specialist psychologists provide therapeutic support to the resident children and teenagers, with the aim of helping them process the trauma of the sexual abuse of which they have been victims…..Read More


Group therapy:

Weekly group therapy sessions allow the children to reflect on their personal behavior during the week, so each one is aware of, and can be responsible for,  his/her actions, and able to question the behavior of others. …..Read More


Family therapy:

The parents, or extended family, who visit the children receive individual and group therapy in order to help them deal with the reasons that caused their child to be separated from them in the first place.…..Read More



St. Bernadette Children’s Home is one of the few institutions in Peru that provide therapeutic support to children and teenagers who have been victims of sexual abuse. We have the accreditation from the Government to operate as a Residential Centre and receive cases from throughout the country……Read More