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Welcome to the St. Bernadette´s Civil Association, which promotes the human rights of children so that they can have a happy and healthy childhood, through our programs of the, Children's Centre, Remedial School, Children's Residential Home, and Child Protection Policy. We are located in the district of San Martín de Porres, one of the most populated and poorest districts of the city of Lima, Peru.

St. Bernadette’s Children’s Centre

St. Bernadette’s Children´s Centre is a day centre providing services for children between the ages of 3 and 17. “Happy children, responsible citizens” is the motto that directs all our activities.

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St. Bernadette’s Children’s Home

St. Bernadette’s Children’s Home provides temporary residential care and psychological intervention to children and teenagers, victims of sexual abuse.

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St. Bernadette’s Remedial School

St. Bernadette’s Remedial School is a Psycho-pedagogical recovery center that offers personalized education to children with learning problems, using modern and innovative teaching methods.

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Child Protection Programme

Child Protection Policy:

St. Bernadette´s Child Protection programme channels all its efforts to overcome the problem of child sexual abuse through public awareness, formation, intervention and prevention.

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Our Team:

We promote child protection through the prevention of sexual abuse, promotion of child protection teams, and the detection of hidden cases.

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Our Services:

The indifference in some cases, and the total lack of importance given to the subject of sexual abuse of children in general, has presented us with the need to visit schools in the locality to promote our Child Protection Policy.

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For whom to we work?

Peru is a society with hierarchical, unequal and discriminatory relationships where women and children are considered objects or property, which generates abusive attitudes that harm and dehumanize.

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