- 3. Areas

Services we offer:
The Infants Area:

An area for the children from 3 to 5 years old where they can enjoy different games and activities for the development of motor skills, sensory, intellectual and emotional stimulation.

The Games Area:

We offer children and teenagers play areas and accompaniment for healthy and free recreation, promoting the development of intellectual and social skills, and values such as honesty, self-esteem, equality, cultural identity, and the practice of their freedom with responsibility.

The Study Area:

Is a space with more than 2,000 books so that children can enjoy reading, do their homework, review topics of interest and even prepare for university entrance. In addition, we have computers to conduct research with the necessary support personnel. We provide guidance for the learning of different subjects such as Mathematics, Communication and English.

The Computer Area:

We provide computer training, while enabling the children to develop their creativity, and promoting their access to modern technology, which is usually out of their reach due to the high cost of computers and the economic precariousness of their families.

Arts and Crafts & Carpentry:

These are spaces where children develop their manual skills and creativity, using different materials including recycled material. Children learn to work as a team to carry out the projects that are proposed.

Artistic Area:

There are different areas to help children and teenagers develope their artistic skills, and self confidence. Through these activities the children also express their feelings and emotions which can help us identify difficulties that they may need help with. The workshops are:

1. – Music,
2. – Folkloric and modern dance.
3. – Drawing and painting,
4. -Theater, puppets, and other forms of corporal expression.