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Given that St. Bernadette´s Residential Home, a haven for children who have been sexually abused, is the only Home in Peru with this specific profile, we find ourselves always full as the “Ministry of the Woman and Vulnerable Populations” directs the children who have suffered sexual abuse to our door. Because of this we found it necessary to consider the possibility of extending our premises especially for teenage girls for whom the Ministry is always trying to find suitable placements.

St. Bernadette´s Residential Home







This, coupled with a similar situation in the St. Bernadette´s Remedial School for children with learning difficulties, where we find ourselves always full right from the start of the academic year, but with many more requests that we can cope with from other local schools to accept their children.

There arose the possibility of buying some land beside the school and a house next door to Home which would allow us to extend to meet more these recent demands on our services, if we only had the funds to do so. But once again the Old Dart Foundation came to our aid and invited me to present a project which I did post haste.

St. Bernadette´s Remedial School







The Foundation decided to give us the sum of money needed for buying these premises and for the construction which started in January, 2017. We hope to have everything finished by July of this year, 2017, and therefore be able to receive more children and adolescents who can prevail of our services in order to be able to continue on a positive footing with their lives.

We are all very grateful here to the Old dart Foundation, the workers and children alike, for giving us this new opportunity to serve children most in need.

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