Protection Policy Program in Educational Institutions

St. Bernadette´s The Protection Policy Program. Held the sexual abuse prevention workshop “Speaking I defend myself – Breaking the silence” with primary school children from colonies 1 and 2 of Ancón of the non-profit institution “Unión de Obras de Asistencia Social”. “We work together for a childhood and adolescence free of sexual abuse”  


Protection Policy Program “St. Bernadette’s” I present IEP Liceo San Agustín, where it was possible to share the identification of risk situations and the self-protection measures that can be adopted. “We work together for a childhood and adolescence free of sexual abuse”      


St. Bernadette´s Civil Association, Fostering identity, commitment and participation at an institutional level, the collaborators participated in the training workshop “MINOR PROTECTION POLICY PROGRAM”. “Working Together for a Childhood Free of Sexual Abuse”    

THE Remedial School for Children with learning difficulties “ESCUELITA”.

- Provides psycho-pedagogical attention to children with learning problems or difficulties. We develop a comprehensive work plan, while taking into account the characteristics and needs of each child. Once the students have overcome their difficulty, they are reinserted into a regular elementary school to continue with their studies. – The psychology and speech therapy area evaluates the entrance and exit process of each child.

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Speech Therapy

Given that Children are the most affected by this pandemic we decided to carry out the Speech Therapy sessions through Zoom, by which we can reach all those children who require specialized attention in a didactic and playful way to help them improve their learning.

Child Protection Policy

In coordination with the Sub Management of Social Services – DEMUNA of the Municipality of SMP, the St. Bernadette’s Programme for Child Protection, developed the workshop “Prevention of Sexual Abuse in Children and Adolescents”, and promoted in different educational institutions of the district, which took place on July 21, 23 and 27. In this way we join our efforts to achieve a childhood and

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The Psychology consultation offices of the Casa del Niño seeks to strengthen emotional bonds and improve the self-esteem of each of the family members to maintain a healthy life and a better coexistence, for that reason we provide guidance, counseling and personalized treatment to parents and children. “We focus on issues of domestic violence, and the treatment of children with emotional and behavioral learning

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