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We would like to thank the Rotary Club of Essendon, Australia for the donation of a photocopier that is essential for our work in the Remedial school. The Rotary Club has come to our aid on other opportunities, for which we are extremely grateful, and hopefully we’ll receive a visit from them as before. They worked in conjunction with the Rotary Club, La Molina,

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“Knowing our Institutional Child Protection Policy”

Fomenting identity, commitment and participation, at an institutional level, the personnel of St. Bernadette’s Civil Association participated in a formation course titled, “Knowing our Institutional Child Protection Policy”, where we gained the knowledge to be able to use as an effective tool the policy for intervening in cases of child sexual abuse that allows us to act in an opportune way and prevent other

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Child Protection Policy

To promote the St. Bernadette´s Child Protection Policy programme we have a specialized team of psychologists, social workers and teachers who seek to combat sexual violence and mistreatment in all its forms through a prevention programme, and with a focus of defending the fundamental rights of children.

St. Bernadette´s

THE CIVIL ASSOCIATION SANTA BERNARDITA; He wishes to extend our sincere thanks to all the staff of the Institution and people of good heart who collaborated with a lot of effort and dedication, that made possible our enlargements of “CASA HOGAR” and “ESCUELITA”; for the good of our children and adolescents. Thank you so much. ST. BERNADETTE’S CHILDREN’S HOME ST. BERNADETTE’S REMEDIAL SCHOOL


We, the St. Bernadette’s Child Protection Team, are continuing our work throughout 2017 promoting the defense of, and respect for, the human rights of children in the local educational institutions. Our goal is to increase the capacities of the actors involved, school principals, teachers, parents and children in order to, as a united front, promote the prevention of abuse, and manage procedures whenever an

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A Personal Development Experiential Workshop The Children´s Home Team 28th of April, 2017

If our objective is the emotional rehabilitation of children, victims of sexual abuse, we have to take on board the emotional well being and growth of the team which will be in daily contact with them. “If I´m not able to accept and embrace my own vulnerability, how will I be able to accept understand the vulnerability of the children whom I´m attending”? With

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New Challanges

Given that St. Bernadette´s Residential Home, a haven for children who have been sexually abused, is the only Home in Peru with this specific profile, we find ourselves always full as the “Ministry of the Woman and Vulnerable Populations” directs the children who have suffered sexual abuse to our door. Because of this we found it necessary to consider the possibility of extending our

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